All photos now posted. We have photos from NINE LOCATIONS, as follows:

1) Start Line (NOW UPOADED)
2) @ 4km from the start (NOW UPOADED)
3) @ 9km from the start (NOW UPOADED)
4) The Flying Mile @ RAF Valley (NOW UPOADED)
5) Menai Bridge - Mawr only (NOW UPOADED)
6) Parys Mountain - Mawr & Canol only (NOW UPOADED)
7) Trearddur Bay beach @ 9.5km from home (NOW UPOADED)
8) Penrhosfeilw @ 6km from home (NOW UPOADED)
9) Finish Line (NOW UPOADED)

The photos are separated in to 'Mawr', 'Canol' and 'Bach' galleries where possible, but always in small 'bitesize' galleries that are arranged by LOCATION and CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER (not 'search by number), thereby making it realtively easy for you to find your photos if you have a reasonable idea of which distance you rode, what time you started, roughly where you might have been during the ride at any particular time, and when you finished.

If you want to buy a product which contains more than one photo (eg 'Buy 3 hi-res files get a 4th FREE), if search by number ISN'T available on a particular event, you MUST create a 'Set of Favourites' of the three/four/five photos you want so that they are available to create your product. Click here to see a quick video on how to complete the product purchase on a Mac/PC, or click here for Smart Phone.