- Type your bib number (or the other search criteria below if your number wasn't visible to the photographers) in the 'Search by Keyword' box below and hit ‘Go’
- From the photos you find, click on the first photo you want in order to make it bigger
- Select your product from the list and ‘Add to Cart’. If your product contains more than one photo, click here to see a quick video on how to complete the product purchase on a desktop Mac/PC, or click here for how to do it on a Smart Phone
- You’ll then be prompted to either ‘Continue Shopping’ for more photos, or ‘Go to Checkout’

If your bib number was NOT VISIBLE, try a search using the 'Male/Female' criteria plus the predominant colour of your running top (please make sure to type a comma and a blank space between the two criteria), as follows:
M (Male); F (Female)
W (White); B (Black); G (Grey); DG (Dark Grey); LG (Light Grey); B (Blue); LB (Light Blue); DB (Dark Blue); N (Navy); R (Red); DR (Dark Red); P (Pink); MR (Maroon); O (Orange); Y (Yellow); BR (Brown); P (Purple); LP (Light Purple/Violet etc); GR (Green); DGR (Dark Green); LGR (Light Green); TGR (Turquoise Green); MGR (Mint Green); G (Gold); HVGR (Hi-Vis Green); HVY (Hi-Vis Yellow); HVO (Hi-Vis Orange).

For example, if you are female and were wearing a yellow hi-vis top, you’d put F, HVY (or HVY, F) in the search box (remembering to include the comma and blank space between the criteria).

just scroll down and click on a gallery below to view all the photos within it. PLEASE NOTE: the last three digits in each file number are the time the photo was taken, for example file no. 0199_02_4444_090437 was taken at four minutes and thirty seven seconds past 9am. This info is useful to find photos if you have an idea where you were at what time.