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Created 18-Aug-17
PHOTOS NOW ALL POSTED IN THE CONVENTIONAL GALLERIES. Some 'search by number' galleries to follow.

We initially post our photos in conventional CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER galleries, which are differentiated between the distance categories as best we can, ie 'Mawr', 'Canol' and 'Bach', and/or the time of passing the photographer - e.g. the first wave of 'Mawr' riders are likely to be in the first gallery in the 'Mawr' group in the Location 1 galleries, and the last 'Mawr' wave are likely to be in the last gallery in that 'Mawr' group, and so on. The photos are also presented in small 'bite-sized' galleries which makes finding your pictures fairly straightforward if you have a reasonable idea of what time you started and finished and what distance you rode.
For those of you who would prefer not to search the conventional galleries, once they're all posted, a SEARCH BY NUMBER facility will be made available for some of the galleries, each being added as they're completed. The 'search by number' facility won't contain ALL the galleries because we use a number recognition system and, of course, the numbers in a lot of the photo locations are notoriously difficult or impossible to make out on a bike, especially the profile photos. And because of this it also takes quite a while to create the galleries, hence why they are only posted a few days after the event.