Photos from Sunday all now posted in conventional chronological order galleries (Tuesday 10.30pm). Thank you for your patience.!

A SEARCH BY NUMBER FACILITY will be available on some of the galleries (the info there will tell you which ones are available to search).
FYI, we use a number recognition system and the bib number/transfer is not always visible to the camera (and not displayed at all by some competitors), hence why we mainly display the galleries in a conventional way, and we highly recommend you look in these conventional galleries too. They are presented in small 'bitesize' amounts and in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, making it relatively easy for you to search through if you have a reasonable idea of what time you started and finished.

If you want to buy a product which contains more than one photo (eg 'Buy 3 hi-res files get a 4th FREE), if search by number ISN'T available on a particular event, you MUST create a 'Set of Favourites' of the three/four/five photos you want so that they are available to create your product. Click here to see a quick video on how to complete the product purchase on a Mac/PC, or click here for Smart Phone.

The 'PRE-PAID ONLY Low-res Digital Download' is exactly as it says on the tin - only available to people who have PRE-PAID the event organizers the special discount price, and who will have received a special UNIQUE voucher code to redeem their download. And please remember that your voucher code only allows you a maximum of ONE file download per person.