Galleries now all complete and posted (26.10.2015, 11.55pm)

WE CATEGORIZE BY CHRONOLOGICAL TIMING, NOT BY NUMBER. Too often the events we cover have the numbers too small or they are located on the back of the competitor, making it impossible to try to categorize by number. We therefore put the photos in galleries which are in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. For example, gallery no.1 in the group 'Nant Peris @ 3 Miles' will include the first runners to pass the photographer. There are three galleries within that group, therefore if you were near the back of the field at that point of the route then logic says you look in gallery no.3 to find yourself. However, this method is obviously far from foolproof and there will often be a lot of crossover. So if you can't find yourself in one gallery, check the next as you'll likely be there.
Nant Peris, @ 3 MilesOff road @ 6 MilesWaunfawr @ 20 milesDescent to Finish Line @ 25 miles