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Created 18-May-14

Pre-Race - SprintWater leg, first phase (pink hats) - sprintWater leg, second phase (purple hats) - sprintCycling Pen-y-Pass, approx.  first (quickest) third of the field (mostly first phase)Cycling Pen-y-Pass, approx. middle third of the fieldCycling Pen-y-Pass, approx. last (slowest) third of the field (mostly second phase)Running, 1km from startRunning, 1km from finishFinishers, before approx. 1hr 45 (after 1st phase start at 9.30am)Finishers, between approx. 1hr 45 and 1hr 55 (after first phase start)Finishers, between approx. 1hr 55 and 2hrs 15Finishers,approx. 2hrs 15 onwardsPresentations