THE GALLERIES AND HOW TO FIND YOUR PHOTOS - we've done our best to split the galleries into the various different races that were going on, and then into the three different legs within each race.

However, there were occasions where some competitors were mixing, so you may find a few crossovers here and there, i.e. some images that don't belong in a particular gallery, or some may appear in more than one.

And given that, if you can't find a certain photo of you, take a look in another similar gallery, it could be there by mistake, as it's impossible to get everyone correct.
Full, first wave (orange/yellow), swimming legFull, second wave (green), swimming legFull, first wave - run to transition from the beachFull, second wave, run to transition from the beachSprint, swimming legSprint, run to transition from beachFull, cycling leg, Newborough ForestSprint, cycling leg, a few stragglers setting offSprint, cycling leg, Newborough ForestFull, first and second waves, running leg near the startSprint, running leg, near the startFull, running leg, approx. halfwaySprint, running leg, approx. 2/3 distanceFinish line, SprintFinish Line, FullAwards CeremonyChildren's Races