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01 Start Area02 Over and under the bridge - adults race03 Some at Beaumaris castle04a Beaumaris Green/waterfront - fastest runners04b Beaumaris Green/waterfront - medium fast runners04c Beaumaris Green/waterfront - medium runners04d Beaumaris Green/waterfront - medium slow runners04e Beaumaris Green/waterfront - slowest runners05a Gallows Point - medium fast runners05b Gallows Point - medium pace runners05c Gallows Point - medium slow pace runners05d Gallows Point - slowest pace runners06a Finishing line, adults - the fastest and first home, from 1hr 7mins to approx. 1hr 37mins06b Finishing line, adults - medium fast paced finishers, approx. 1hr 27mins to 1hr 49mins06c Finishing line, adults - the middle finishers, from approx.  1hr 49mins to 2hrs 1mins06d Finishing line, adults - the next to slowest finishers, from approx.  2hrs 1mins to 2hrs 14mins06e Finishing line, adults - the slowest finishers, from approx.  2hrs 14mins onwards07 Some presentations and a few other photos!08 Children's Races - under the bridge09 Children's races - the finish line10 Childre's races - presentations and after-the-finish photos