April 24, 10.10pm: all photos are now posted.


You can SEARCH BY NUMBER within FOUR of the eight galleries (not all photo locations are be available in this facility as the bib numbers are more or less impossible to be read/deciphered at certain camera angles by the number recognition software). However, ALL photos are available to view and buy from the NON-SEARCH BY NUMBER GALLERIES, where they are presented in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, and broken down into small searchable gallery sizes, making it easy for you to find your photos if you have a reasonable idea of what distance you were riding, what time you started and finished, and how long it took you etc.

The 'PRE-PAID Download. Max. 1 per person' is exactly as it says on the tin - only available to people who have PRE-PAID the event organizers the special discount price of £2, and who will have received a special voucher code to redeem their download. And please remember that your voucher code only allows you a maximum of ONE file download per person.