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At the Start - MawrAt the Start - CanolAt the Start - BachAt the Start - Family/TeuluCastle at the Start - MawrCastle at the Start - CanolCastle at the Start - BachCastle at the Start - Family/TeuluGreat Orme view - MawrGreat Orme View - Canol 1Great Orme View - Canol 2Great Orme View - Bach 1Great Orme View - Bach 2Groes Hill, 4km from Home - 1Groes Hill, 4km from home - 2Groes Hill, 4km from home - 3Groes Hill, 4km from home - 4Finish Line -  Family/TeuluFinish Line - 11.19am to 12.45pmFinish Line - 12.45 to 1.25pmFinish Line - 1.25 to 2.00pmFinish Line - 2.00pm onwardsAfter Finishing - 1After Finishing - 2After Finishing - 3