PLEASE NOTE: WE CURRENTLY CATEGORIZE BY CHRONOLOGICAL TIMING, NOT BY CHIP OR NUMBER. We're currently working out a 'search by number' plan which should be up and running soon, but until then we're continuing to put the photos in groups of galleries which are usually in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and which are self-explanatory and easy to search, based on logic, common sense and knowing which distance you rode, roughly when you started and how long it took you to complete the route etc.
Clearly not a foolproof system, but one that usually works nicely. And if you can't find yourself in one gallery, check both galleries either side as you'll likely be there.
Start Area - Etape Mawr and CanolStart Area - Etape Bach and TeuluCastle Waterfront - Etape MawrFinishers before 1.40pm approx.Finishers between 1.40 to 2.20 approx.Finishers after 2.20 approxCastle Waterfront - Etape Canol and BachEtape Mawr - 15 MilesCastle Waterfront - Etape TeuluEtape Canol and Bach - 15 MilesPen y Pass to 11.30am