All galleries now posted.

We put the photos in groups of galleries which are in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and which are self-explanatory and easy to search, based on logic, common sense and knowing which route you rode and roughly what time you started and finished etc. Clearly not a foolproof system, but one that usually works nicely. And if you can't find yourself in one gallery, check both galleries either side as you'll likely be there.

PLEASE NOTE: all galleries may contain photos of EXTREME competitors who were integrated into the general day event as it progressed, but we've managed to create a group of galleries specific to the Extreme. It has by no means all the photos but has a good selection.

If you want to buy a product which contains more than one photo (eg 'Buy 3 hi-res files get a 4th FREE), if search by number ISN'T available on a particular event, you MUST create a 'Set of Favourites' of the three/four/five photos you want so that they are available to create your product. Click here to see a quick video on how to complete the product purchase on a Mac/PC, or click here for Smart Phone.
At the StartCastle @ 2km: View 1Castle @ 2km: View 2Drws y Coed @ 26kmPen-y-Pass @25km from homePen-y-Pass @25km to go: View 2Llanberis Pass @ 21km from homeFinish LineEtape Eryri Extreme