To find your photos:
Just choose your day gallery and type in your competitor bib number in the search field.

If no images come up, try searching for the number 999, as we've included any photos where we couldn't decipher the bib under that number (not many though tbh).

FYI: We have some great photos we feel, but given this was the first time we'd photographed sled dog racing and canicross, and consequently we were feeling our way through it a bit as we went along, we found some aspects of it a little tricky to photograph, e.g. when a dog/dogs tended to stray wide away from the handler it was very difficult to get any type of reasonable photo or focus. Hence why there are a couple of occasions where we haven't included any photos of a specific competitor at a specific camera location. We came to the conclusion that the only predictable thing about this event was its unpredictability! However, we thoroughly enjoyed it.