I think we've got most classes under their correct headers, but please let us know if, due to our confusion, we've got it wrong somewhere, we'd appreciate any clarification. I'm especially a little concerned that we may have a few of Wednesday afternoon's classes in rings 3, 4 and 5 mixed up - please let us know if we have. So if you can't find what you're looking for immediately, have a look in the other folders as they may well be in there.

Due to the heavy rain it was impossible to risk our equipment photographing some classes, so there are a few classes not covered at all (that's if they went ahead - we don't know).
01: Main Ring event 1, Welsh Cobs and Ponies part 102: Main Ring event 1, Welsh Cobs and Ponies part 203: Main Ring event 3, Under Saddle Cobs04: Main Ring event 4, Driving Classes05: Ring 2 event 1, Shetland Ponies06: Ring 3 event 1, Children's Riding Classes07: Ring 3 event 2, Veteran Horses08: Ring 4 event 1, M&M In-hand09: Ring 4 event 2, M&M Ridden - jumping Hunters (ponies AND horses)10: Ring 4 event 3, M&M Ridden and Lead Rein11: Ring 5 event 2, Welsh Ponies and Cobs, Special12: Show Jumping Ring event 1, Senior Newcomers