Please note that the In-hand Coloureds which were in the main ring are in folder no.2, with the Ridden Hunters.

We've grouped most of the larger Working Hunter ponies together with the Working Hunter horses, as it was getting impossible to keep up with the different classes at the pace they were going. So folder 15 has much more photos in it than any other Working Hunter folder, and you'll possibly find what you're looking for in there.
01: Main Ring event 1, Coloureds Ridden02: Main Ring event 2, Ridden Hunters, more Coloureds Ridden and In-Hand03: Main Ring event 3, Shire Horses04: Main Ring event 4, Side-Saddle05: Main Ring event 5, Heavy Horse Turnout06: Main Ring event 6, Grand Parade07: Ring 2 event 1, Welsh Part-breds08: Ring 2 event 2, Pony of the Show, Hunter Type09: Ring 2 event 3, Riding Ponies, Breeding Classes10: Ring 2 event 4, Hacks and Riding Horses11: Ring 3 event 1, Working Hunter Ponies to 122cm12: Ring 3 event 2, Working Hunter to 133cm13: Ring 3 event 3, Working Hunter to 143cm14: Ring 3 event 4, Working Hunter to 148cm15: Ring 3 event 5, Working Hunter mixed collection of WH horses and larger ponies16: Ring 4 event 1, Registered Pure Foreign Breeds17: Ring 4 event 2, Pure-bred Arabs18: Ring 4 event 3, Anglo and Part-bred Arabs19: Ring 5 event 1, Palomino Classes20: Ring 5 event 3, In-hand Hunters21: Ring 5 event 4, Irish Draught In-hand22: Ring 5 event 5, Irish Draught, Ridden23: Show Jumping Event 1, 1m Open23: Show Jumping event 2, Senior Newcomers