- Type your bib number (or the other search criteria below if your number wasn't visible to the photographers) in the 'Search by Keyword' box below and hit ‘Go’
- From the photos you find, click on the first photo you want in order to make it bigger
- Select your product from the list and ‘Add to Cart’. If your product contains more than one photo, click here to see a quick video on how to complete the product purchase on a desktop Mac/PC, or click here for how to do it on a Smart Phone
- You’ll then be prompted to either ‘Continue Shopping’ for more photos, or ‘Go to Checkout’

If your bib number was NOT VISIBLE, try a search using the 'Male/Female' criteria plus the predominant colour of your running top (please make sure to type a comma and a blank space between the two criteria), as follows:
M (Male); F (Female)
W (White); B (Black); G (Grey); DG (Dark Grey); LG (Light Grey); B (Blue); LB (Light Blue); DB (Dark Blue); N (Navy); R (Red); DR (Dark Red); P (Pink); MR (Maroon); O (Orange); Y (Yellow); BR (Brown); P (Purple); LP (Light Purple/Violet etc); GR (Green); DGR (Dark Green); LGR (Light Green); TGR (Turquoise Green); MGR (Mint Green); G (Gold); HVGR (Hi-Vis Green); HVY (Hi-Vis Yellow); HVO (Hi-Vis Orange).

For example, if you are female and were wearing a yellow hi-vis top, you’d put F, HVY (or HVY, F) in the search box (remembering to include the comma and blank space between the criteria).

just scroll down and click on a gallery below to view all the photos within it. PLEASE NOTE: the last three digits in each file number are the time the photo was taken, for example file no. 0199_02_4444_090437 was taken at four minutes and thirty seven seconds past 9am. This info is useful to find photos if you have an idea where you were at what time.
At the StartSome Half Marathon @ .75km10K @ .75kmHalf Marathon @ 1km10K ONLY - @ 5k and 6.5kHalf Marathon @ 7.5kmHalf Marathon Beaumaris Green @ 15kmHalf Marathon @ 15.5kmSome @ .5km from homeFinish Line Half MarathonFinish Line 10KDragons DashSome on the Podium