We've hopefully made it straightforward enough for you to find your images by steering you in the right direction by using descriptive gallery names, categories and chronological labeling, and all in bite-size galleries with containing not too many images to sift through.

Please also note that where it's possible to differentiate a gallery by categorizing it (e.g.Start Mawr and Start Canol) there could still be a crossover of a few files, as, for example, a number of the 'Mawr' riders may have started late, with the 'Canol' cyclists). So if you can't find yourself in one gallery, check the ones next to it just in case.

If you want to buy a product which contains more than one photo (eg 'Buy 3 hi-res files get a 4th FREE), if search by number ISN'T available on a particular event, you MUST create a 'Set of Favourites' of the three/four/five photos you want so that they are available to create your product. Click here to see a quick video on how to complete the product purchase on a Mac/PC, or click here for Smart Phone.
At the StartLlansadwrn @ 4 milesPenmynnydd HillFinish line