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Created 20-May-17
All photos from both days now posted in the chronological galleries.

A 'search by number' facility is available for a very restricted few galleries.

They are restricted because we use a number recognition system and the numbers in a lot of situations in a triathlon are notoriously difficult or impossible to make out (e.g. swim leg, cycle leg when covered in lycra etc.). But PLEASE DON'T FORGET that ALL photos are available to view and buy within the non-search by number gallery groups NOW. These photos are all listed in chronological order (except the swim legs which are presented in swim cap color waves) and presented in bite-sized galleries which makes finding your photos fairly straightforward if you have a fair idea of what wave you started the swim in, when you set off and finished the cycle leg and what time you finished the run leg.

Slateman Full 2017, May 21

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Slateman Full 2017, May 21

Slateman Sprint 2017, May 20

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Slateman Sprint 2017, May 20