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PLEASE NOTE: It is impossible for us to categorize by race number for various reasons (the main one being that it's not visible in the photo most of the time!), therefor each gallery or group of galleries will be in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, with all galleries listed in the order they happened, and the images within likewise. Therefore if you know roughly when you started and finished, it should be fairly straightforward to go to the relevant galleries.

If we feel there are too many images in a gallery to view and find yourself comfortably then we will have divided that particular gallery into several smaller galleries for ease of use.

It is very simple to buy a photo from any of the galleries: just click on any image thumbnail to enlarge it into its own page, click the 'Buy' panel at the top, choose your product and you will then be taken through a very simple purchasing process where you can use virtually any credit or debit card as well as PayPal.

PLUS: we can make simple adjustments to any photo, such as to lighten, darken and crop an image as you'd like, simply let us know in the 'Instructions' and 'cropping' facilities during the purchasing process. If you'd like anything a bit more complicated or specialized please feel free to ask and we can contact you directly with a cost.
Pre-raceSwim Leg 1 - pink capsSwim leg - orange & white capsCycle leg, Castle - 1Cycle leg, Pen-y-Pass - 1Cycle leg, Pen-y-Pass 2Cycle leg, Pen-y-Pass - 3Cycle leg, Pen-y-Pass - 4Run leg, near the beginningRun leg, Infirmary - 1Run leg, Infirmary - 2PresentationsRun leg, woods - 1Cycle leg, Castle - 2Cycle leg, Castle - 3Run leg, woods - 2Run leg, woods - 3Run leg, woods - 4Finish: 1hr25 to 1hr40Finish: 1hr40 to 1hr50Finish: 1hr50 to 2hrsFinish: 2hrs to 2hrs30Finish: 2hrs30 onwards