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PLEASE NOTE: WE CURRENTLY CATEGORIZE BY CHRONOLOGICAL TIMING, NOT BY CHIP OR NUMBER. We're currently working out a 'search by number' plan which should be up and running by next season, but until then we're continuing to put the photos in groups of galleries which are usually in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and which are self-explanatory and easy to search, based on logic, common sense and your knowledge of, for example, which swim wave you were in and when you finished etc. Clearly not a foolproof system, but one that usually works nicely. And if you can't find yourself in one gallery, check both galleries either side as you'll likely be there.

any digital file purchases are emailed to you on receipt of your order and not made available to download as we prefer that you have a file that's as good as we can make it and which will get our full attention once ordered. Otherwise it's impossible and pointless for us to optimize every one of 6000+ files!!

Sandman 2016 SPRINT

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Sandman 2016 SPRINT

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